centrally located right across the street from Lentos at nomadenetappe


NYCHTS Shop Opening: April 11th 7.30 pm
NYCHTS invites you with special offers and original snacks!
Exclusive sales presentations by vice rector Dr. Christine Windsteiger!
DJ: Liberty Letschnig

NYCHTS Exclusive Opening Hours: Everyday from 4 to 8 pm

NYCHTS Closing Sale: April 21st 2013
2 pm is prime time of extremely cheap offers!


We pride ourselves on offering high quality New York-City souvenirs at very affordable prices.
We offer a huge selection of NYC T-shirts, fanzines, trinkets, aprons, lamps, cups, optical devices, postcards, CDs, collector items, and more.
NYCHTS is Linz's best one-stop shop for NYC-Souvenirs. NYCHTS invites you with special offers and original snacks!

NYCHTS offers labels of:
Christina Dellemeschnig -
fahlrosa -
Ann-Kathrin Freude -
Isabel Glogar -
Abysso Grúa -
Tobias Hagleitner -
Susanne Hödlmoser / Maria Deopatria de Sousa e Silva -
Maria Kerndle -
Tanja Kristan -
Viktoria Schmid -
Elitsa Velikova -
Rosa Wildwochen -

NYCHTS is a holding of Dept. Medientheorien and Dept. Zeitbasierte Medien/Kunstuniversität Linz and cooperates with nomadenetappe.

The NYCHTS-Team is looking forward to your visit. We are dedicated to providing our customers with superior service!
For Guided NYCHTS-Shopping Trips, NYCHTS-Parties, and more: Please pay attention to current announcements!

Check out the NYCHTS website: -> nychts.weebly.com

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